We are a very active church and have many groups which operate either internally within the church or in the wider community.

You will find below both a brief description of these groups as well as meeting times etc.  These times can also be seen on our "What's On" page.

It is important to note that whilst these times and places are accurate, special events within a group’s calendar may take them away from these set times and place.  It would be best to inquire confirm the groups movements for the upcoming meetings.


Care and Share ….    A ladies bible study group that meets in people's homes every 2nd and 4th Wednesdays evening. 


Men's Bibles Study …. Meets in people's homes every 2nd and 4th Wednesdays evening. 


Daytime Bible Study..... A bible study group that meets at Tuncurry Chapel every second Thursday commencing at 2.00 pm.  Please refer to the "whats On" Calendar on the Tuncurry Uniting Church website for actual dates.


Adult Fellowship  …. This group meets to share a cuppa, perhaps listen to a guest speaker, or make some craft. It is a very informal and relaxed group

                                  Where:  Tuncurry Church

                                  Location:  Corner of South and Bent Streets Tuncurry

                                  Frequency:  Third Wednesday of each month    

                                  Time:  1.30 pm


Prayer Breakfast  ...  Prayer is considered a vital part of our faith community.  As such we hold a prayer breakfast where concerns and thanks are offered in prayer for both the church and its members as well as those events and people who are on our hearts. 

                                Where:  Forster Church Hall

                                Location:  Corner of South and MacIntosh Streets Forster

                                Frequency:  last Saturday of each month            

                                Time:  7.30 am

Church Choir …  The choir performs in our worship services on the first and third Sundays of each month.  Practices are held prior to each performance. The details below refer to such practices

                                Where:  Forster Church

                                Location:  Corner of South and MacIntosh Streets Forster

                                Frequency:  First and third Fridays of each month            

                                Time:  1.30 pm


Pastoral Partners  …  The welfare of our congregation’s members is important to us both in a spiritual and practical sense.  As such a small number of men and women from our congregation have committed to providing such pastoral care for their fellow members.  Each member of our congregation is offered this support which is usually carried out through telephone calls, visits and cups of coffee.


Handyman Service  ….  Several of the men within our congregation have volunteered their practical services and skills to the helping of those members who may need small household maintenance chores done.  Such jobs can range from light bulb  and tap washer changing, to computer problems being sorted.  Members are encouraged to make a donation towards the cost of such work being carried out.   Contact church office for one of our members to assist in a range of handyman type jobs.


Men's Recreational Evenings … Once a quarter the men of our church get together for a simple night of tea, usually followed by snooker or some other indoor sporting activity.  This is an easy going night where there is no set religious content and anyone who comes along is welcome to just join in.  Non church members are most welcome to come along as the invitation to this night is open to any man who just wants a casual night out.  Once a year we make the pilgrimage to Newcastle to watch the Knights take on St George, as there are a large number of Saints supporters in our congregation.   Any change to this game being selected is most welcome!


Catering Group …     We have a dedicated group of ladies who cater for church and wider community events such as funerals, fashion parades, play groups etc which are held at the church or hall.