Due to the COVID -19 threat that we as a community currently face, it has been decided to suspend all church services and church activities which meet on our Forster and Tuncurry properties from Monday March 23rd until a time when it is deemed safe to recommence such activities.  This will include our worship serive held at Pacific Palms.  As a faith community we will be meeting via email, on-line and by other appropriate methods.
As a hirer of our facilities to a large number of community groups including A/A, N/A, G/A, CODA etc, it has been decided to allow these groups to self determine if they will continue during these times.  In making this decision the church is aware of the crucial role such groups play in supporting their members in maintaining their well being and this is the basis for our decision.  It is not only assumed but expected that all groups will adhere to the government health protocols which are in place, and if these cannot be complied with, that such groups will cease.

We are a very active church and have many groups which operate either internally within the church or reaching out into the  wider community.  We also have many community groups which use our facilities both in Tuncurry and Forster.

You will find below both a brief description of these groups as well as meeting times etc.  These times can also be seen on our "What's On" page.

It is important to note that whilst these times and places are accurate, special events within a group’s calendar may take them away from these set times and place.  It would be best to inquire / confirm the groups movements for their upcoming meetings.