Tuncurry Uniting Church is part of the Forster / Tuncurry  Uniting Church congregation.  Some things, like our weekly worship services, are held at Forster, while other events and meetings are held at Tuncurry.  To show both these separate and joint events, we have developed two websites, one for Tuncurry and the other for Forster.  You will notice some things are the same on both sites, but other things like the 'What's On' calendar are specific to each centre.


 Forster / Tuncurry Uniting Church is a committed community of Jesus' followers. We welcome all who seek God’s love and grace.

We welcome all because God welcomes all, regardless of race, culture, age, sexual orientation, gender diversity or relationship status.

We welcome all without regard to physical or mental health, socio-economic circumstances, educational background or anything that too often divides us.

Our unity is in Christ.

         During COVID with it's various lockdowns and restrictions, it can get a bit hard to work out if church is actually meeting face to face, so we encourage you to ring the church  (02 65558573)  and we'll be more than happy to let you know whether we are meeting (church and groups) and what may be the current rules we all need to abide by. 

  Please remember that within all current NSW Dept of Health protocols, so if you are unwell, have travelled internationally or recently visited a known COVID hotspot, please refrain from attending worship. 

           If we can't meet, or you are hesitant to do so, we are emailing  / producing paper copies of our weekly worship. So you can be at home and still have a sense of joining with us.  Music is provided through our Jumpshare file.  If online worship is more your thing we can direct you to nearby Uniting Churches who are producing weekly, online services. 

For more information regarding worship services, special events and other community gatherings please don't hesitate to contact us.

You can also check us out on Facebook !

          As a hirer of our facilities to a large number of community groups including A/A, N/A, G/A, CODA etc, it has been decided to allow these groups to self determine if they, in accordance with the COVID restriction in place at any time,  will continue to meet during such times.  In making this decision the church is aware of the crucial role such groups play in supporting their members in maintaining their well being and this is the basis for our decision.  It is not only assumed but expected that all groups will adhere to the government health protocols which are in place, and if these cannot be complied with, that such groups will cease.


Forster / Tuncurry Uniting Church is a COVID Safe organisation. 



Tuncurry is part of the Mid North Coast Presbytery - its website provides resources and further information about the Uniting Church in Australia.